Fundbüro is an innovation and design agency specialized in architecture, scenography, product design, branding, graphic design, art direction and virtual environments. Taking research and expertise as the starting points, our team works as a live net, capable of modifying and adapting itself to each project offering personalized solutions. Our team is composed of architects, product designers, graphic designers, photo editors, and animators, working together to always give our clients the best and most innovative experience.


Our team of architects has long worked for renowned firms and clients, with different budgets, from small to large scale projects in every architectural branch. Because of this, we are able to offer the best solutions in master planning, urban development, infrastructure, retail, high standing, experimental or social housing, rehabilitation, renovation, and interior design.

Scenography & Ephemeral structures

In Fundbüro, we believe that any kind of spacial intervention is a great way to express an idea, even those that won´t last over time. After great collaborations with music and fashion festivals or pop-up stores, we offer our clients stage and lighting design for theater, TV, film or festivals, as well as exhibition design, art installations, or any other temporary designed elements that could help other creative people to reinforce their views.

Product design

With many pieces on the market and awards won by its designers, the product design department is always looking for edgy, bold and seductive forms, not forgetting about functionality or innovation. With a big expertise in furniture design, we offer our clients the opportunity to develop personal and exclusive pieces able to fit-into and empower any environment or idea.

Branding & graphic design

At the Fundbrand department our architects, designers, animators, and photo editors join forces to offer other companies a full-service package. From spatial concept to brand identity or advertising campaigns, our team works hand in hand with our clients to shape their ideas following the latest trends to break the market.

Research & Development

In Fundbüro, we are always seeking to expand our knowledge and we believe that without investigation, innovation cannot exist. Our research and development department is constantly looking for the latest discoveries in technology, ecology, new materials, etc., as well as investigating current and future economic and social trends to keep our projects innovative. Therefore, we are always open to collaborate with institutions or private entities to develop topics related to our expertise for publication, scientific or pedagogical use.


Our team is always ready to assist you with your next project. Our engineering architects will be pleased to work on any inquiry related to structural engineering, construction, green design, urban law, conservation or any other field related to their expertise. Besides that, our Fundbrand department will be happy to coach any project or campaign with new strategies, trend hunting or branding services.


We believe in a more open and accessible knowledge for the proper development of future society and as a way to bring design and architecture closer to the people. Therefore in Fundbüro, we develop workshops and collaborations with other institutions and entities to transfer and exchange our knowledge. You can check our web page for updates and more info.

Art Direction

We help our clients to send a clear message to their audience. Whether in branding, stage or graphic design, our art directors will create the strategy needed to properly address your target. Based on initial research, we create the vision and transmit it to all parts involved in the creation of your concept, controlling the workflow and ensuring the best of the results.

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