Wind Wind

LFA Open Call St Pauls Plinth competition 2020

Focused on crystalizing the relevance of the City of London’s 2050 Zero Carbon compromise, Wind Wind combines art and new technologies to raise awareness in the audience about alternative renewable energy resources and the importance of the air quality at the capital city.

The installation aims to create an artistic representation reflecting the environmental problems we face today as a society. Like a cloud of information, composed of reflective discs hanging from the structure of the St Paul Plinth, Wind Wind will show the audience the effects of pollution in the air quality of the city. A kinetic sculpture, which will not only show information, but will also be totally self-sufficient, showing the enormous possibilities of using alternative sources of energy in our lives.

Based on the last advances in piezoelectric technology, Wind Wind proposes a self-sufficient light and sculpture installation, visible day and night, showing the levels of air pollution in the city in a visually attractive way. Composed by 100 piezoelectric devices connected to hanging lamps, Wind Wind uses the strength of wind flows and vibration produced by the traffic around the canopy to produce the energy needed to light the 152 LED bulbs displaying the information obtained via wifi from the real-time database

The system sponsored by Piezoskin S.R.L. is a simple network were the piezometers are connected to a motherboard that receives the data through a wifi device and transfers the information to the installation bulbs. This motherboard has 2 functions: first it transforms the data obtained via wifi from the database into a colour light scheme, and second, it regulates the electricity obtained by the piezometers and sends the signal to LED bulbs with the colour they have to display. The system is complemented by a battery capable of accumulating excess energy and releasing it the days of least production. This way the installation will be working 365 days a year.

In addition, the visitors will find QR codes on the supports of the structure that can be read with mobile phones, obtaining the information related to the colour the installation is displaying. These elements will transform what would be a simple artistic installation into a participatory experience, able to create awareness of the importance of carbon reduction policies nowadays.

Client  London Archit. Festival / Year  2019 / Location  London / Type  Art installation / Status  Unbilt

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