Neu Home

Artist home in Kreuzberg

Renovation of an apartment in a historical building from 1875 in the heart of Berlin. An intervention focused on preserving most of the historical features of the property while introducing a new layout adapted to the needs of its new owner, a young audiovisual artist based in the city.

The new organization aims to maximize the public space by designing a new kitchen with an island-bar and connecting it to the living room. Creating this way the perfect space for receptions and gatherings for the artist. The layout is completed with a loft bed studio including a working area, a master bedroom, and a spa-inspired bathroom with high ceilings.

For its construction, almost only natural materials and finishings have been used and second-hand elements, like doors or lighting, have been introduced to keep the character of this amazing home.

Client  Private / Year  2019 / Location  Berlin / Type  Fefurbishment / Status  Under construction