Neu Home

Artist home in Kreuzberg

Neu Home is a renovation of an apartment in a historic building from 1875 in the heart of Berlin. The client, a well-known audiovisual artist, asked for a contemporary interior design with warm colors that would create a welcoming atmosphere in the grey capital city.

In response, a concept of pure geometric lines was created to contrast with the classical features of this example of late 19th-century architecture. Each space features an element that gives character and purpose to the room, breaking with the traditional idea of a dwelling. Always creating a visual connection between them, to maximize the use and spatial perception.

The result is a sequence of spaces of great character, in which the public areas have big priority, to be able to host the client’s receptions and events. To this end, the living room and kitchen are connected, and a large tiled island is introduced which doubles as a bar for events. The layout is completed with a master bedroom, a recording studio/guest room, and a spa-like bathroom.

The first is defined by playful shapes that separate the sleeping area from the dressing area and uses calm colors to create the ideal space for relaxation. The second, following this neutral style, is transformed into a multi-functional space with a second height that accommodates a guest bed and wardrobes on the ground floor. Finally, the bathroom, which includes all the elements for a spa at home, is characterized by pink terrazzo floors in combination with a 3.5 m tiled wall that adds grandiosity and serenity to the space.

Finally, it is important to note that only natural or semi-natural materials and finishes were used in the construction of this flat. In addition, we used second-hand historical elements such as doors or lamps that maintain the classic character of the building.

For the interior design, we collaborated with brands such as Bolia, Bo-Concept, and Noah Living, and our colleagues and collaborators from Rlon, created an incredible cross lamp that reinforces the concept of oppositions of this incredible house.

Client  Private / Year  2022 / Location  Berlin / Type  Refurbishment / Status  Built

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