M Home

Micro-housing in Berlin

M home is a challenging micro-housing project in Berlin Friedrichshain. With 37 m2 and really tight budget, we looked for a subdivision of the space without compromising its continuity, an increase on the storage space and, upgrade of the bathroom and all outdated finishings in the apartment.

The solution was to create a sculptural volume for storage and wardrobe, that would split the studio space in living and bedroom. Due to its proportions, the sculpture allows a continuous visual perception of the space, maximizing its proportions, and clearly separating the two functions needed for the room.

For the upgrade, we looked for a calm and clean atmosphere able to match with the Nordic retro furniture pieces from our client. Natural wood and white are the main characters, and we looked to take the most from old details of the apartment like the hidden brick walls. For the bathroom we opted for a continuous pool tile surface, giving it the spa feeling but always being inside the limited budget from our client.


Client  Private / Year  2017 / Status  Built

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