Iceberg Sauna

A hidden relaxation gem

The project consists of a captivating outdoor sauna in Stuttgart, designed as a prism with a mirrored cover that camouflages it, turning it into a hidden gem in the city. The pavilion is located in a courtyard that is accessed through a path of stones surrounded by lush vegetation with an outdoor shower.

The floor of the courtyard and the surrounding areas have been redesigned and covered with continuous microcement to achieve a homogeneous and unified appearance. In addition to the sauna, the courtyard is divided into three distinct areas: the fireplace for relaxation, the chill-out area for socializing, and a covered dining space for six people. Three connected yet individualized spaces for each activity.

The interior of the sauna is clad in wood and is divided into two parts. The first part consists of a small relaxation and changing area, while the second part houses the sauna itself, with room for four people. The orientation of the sauna has been carefully designed to allow for views of the surrounding landscape from the inside. This is made possible by the front mirror, which acts as a screen from the inside while protecting the privacy of the sauna users due to its spyglass.

In summary, a perfect hidden spot for relaxation with the perfect view of the city of Stuttgart.

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