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Micro apartment in Charlottenburg

For this apartment located in the heart of Charlottenburg (Berlin), the client asked for a modern and functional space that would meet all his needs despite its small size.

Starting from a very fragmented layout, it was decided to demolish the entire interior and start from scratch. In the new layout, we opted to create an open-plan space for public functions, separated from the private area by a glass-enclosed bathroom. This allows light to flood the interior while achieving cross-ventilation between the two facades of the building.

The finishing palette is reduced to 5 noble materials, including wood, copper metal and travertine, one of the owner’s favourite marbles. To maximize the spatial sensation, it was decided to cover the floor, walls and ceiling with the same material, microcement. Thus helping to minimise the viewer’s spatial references and highlighting the sculptural elements that comprise the fittings in the flat.

The result is a Hitech-style space, which exudes tranquillity, without leaving aside the glamour of this famous Berlin neighbourhood.

Client  Private / Year  2024 / Type  Architecture / Location  Berlin / Status  WIP

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