DINA Elektronik

Development Strategy

DINA electronik is an established company in the motion control sector. After 30 years, the company is in a period of change, adapting to the new challenges of the market and society. After implementing a new work method based on holocracy and a new customer-driven system, the next step is to update and prepare its headquarters for the new work systems.

Therefore, an extensive study including a strategic plan for the correct approach to the renovation and growth of the company following market trends, sustainability, and innovation criteria is commissioned. This study is key for any company that wants to adapt its offices to the new current models such as the agile office or the flexible office.

In this first part, prior to the renovation of the offices, the company, the building, and the external environment are analyzed. This allows for establishing a specific development strategy for the company in different phases. The result is a guideline that serves the company to determine the steps to follow, considering priorities, time and cost.

Client  Private / Year  2021 / Type  Development strategy / Location  Wolfschlugen / Status  WIP

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