Catalyst Signage

Institute for creative arts and technology

In this second phase of Fundbüro’s rebranding project for the Catalyst Institute, the new brand image was transferred to the interior of its facilities located in the mythical Funkhaus in Berlin, the former headquarters of the East German Radio.

Following the guidelines established in the first phase of the project, the challenge was to solve the problems of signage inside this large building, using elements that would represent the values of innovation and freedom of the new brand with a limited budget.

After a study of the project’s needs, three basic elements were chosen to improve circulation while representing the new brand within the building.

The first was to mark the access to the school with the logo of the new brand with a large graffiti vinyl to avoid confusion with other companies located in the same building. The second was the creation and distribution of maps at key points in the building to help users locate and find the various school facilities. Finally, each of the school’s facilities was correctly signposted. For this purpose, our industrial designer created a series of industrially-inspired backlit posters, which would be placed along the long corridors to help find each element.

The result was a bold intervention that integrates completely with the character of the building, represents the new brand values, and improves the operation inside the famous building in East Berlin.

German Brand Award Winner 2022 for « Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation » & Special Award for « Branding Revival of the Year »

Client  Private / Year  2020 / Type  Architecture & Interior / Location  Berlin / Status  Constructed

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