Kitchen Showroom

Design and music Showroom in Berlin

As a meteorite which just impacts on the earth affecting its surrounding, this kitchen showroom pops up in Berlin like a strong and powerful element who influences the rest of the products displayed keeping them in a continuous floating state. Like a frozen explosion which can unexpectedly continue at any time, the insertion of an element able to hold the flying bodies is necessary. This element appears as a stark and stable modular mechanism responsible for maintaining the equilibrium of the system being flexible and free to adapt to different scenarios.

The element, Arcade, can work independently or combined. Arcade is composed by a structural skeleton supported by a rolling base and covered by dark metal panel inspired by the industrial and raw aesthetics of Berlin. Each module can be divided into three parts (two verticals and one horizontal) allowing an easy transport and montage. Therefore, Arcade is thought as a multifunctional module for interiors and exteriors with one goal: every place can be at any moment a showroom or a meeting point.

The design will be completed with playful and joyful marble objects hanging from Arcade creating small galaxies around the kitchen. This will generate a new programmatic combination where cooking and electronic music are the stars of a brand new experience with the mission of bringing high marble design to the young and casual audience around the world.

Client  Secret / Year  2017 / Location  Berlin / Type  Retail, Art direction, Refurbishment / Status  WIP

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