Luxury CBD products

For the branding strategy of this new line of CBD products, the Fundbüro team carried out an exhaustive study of the target and the possibilities of expansion of the brand in different markets. Being a taboo product for many platforms and for a large part of the public, it was necessary to study the competition, the possible promotional channels, and the keys to the product’s complicated image.

After the study, the target was defined: adult, between 30 and 50 years old, professional, and outside the cannabis circles. At the same time, the keys to be able to be advertised and sold in different media were outlined. These were the keys to the product design and marketing strategy.

The result is a high-end product line, whose image could be confused with other luxury products such as perfumes or chocolates, something you could give to a mother or a friend. Its attractive bold, edgy design aims to appeal to both a more traditional and a younger audience, allowing it to reach more age groups. And the modern color palette not only represents this concept but also serves to differentiate between the different product lines: creams, oils and candies.

For the launch campaign, we opted for the reinterpretation of the ingredients of each product with pure geometric shapes in line with the edgy and arty image of the brand. It is a 360º project where our team was in charge of all aspects, from branding to packaging design, or web design. Including art direction and photography, and the design and construction of the sets for the photo shooting of the brand images.

Client  7VIT / Year  2020 / Type  Art direction, branding and product design / Location  Germany / Status  Published

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