Alex Pérez

Motion graphics & 3D Animation //


Alex Pérez graduated from the European University of Madrid in 2005 in Media & Communication. Straight out of University he began working as a video editor for the Spanish Football League, working under pressure and meeting tight deadlines. Shortly into the job he realized that this kind of work was not for him and moved on to work as a junior VFX composer at Infinia Madrid. Mastering the craft of compositing CG created assets over live footage. Two years later he moved to L.A to embark on the dream of working in the big production houses. After spending two years in sunny L.A and working in the demanding and environment of the infamous Primefocus, Alex needed a slight career change. Returning to Spain in 2011 and starting at Fullsix he worked as an art director, dictating exactly how things would be animated and come to life. One year later he was offered a position at Fox International and worked there for two years developing the look for several channels all over the globe. In 2014, in the need of yet another change and challenge, he decided to move to Berlin. Getting off to a good start with a job offer for four months at Motoscope. He integrated into a dynamic team and soon felt at home and comfortable in the city. In 2015 he met his fellow associate Alex Mackay and realized they had the vital complementing ingredients to form a great team. 

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